Ghostly Figures escape room added

We visited No Escape Iowa today in Ames. They have an escape room called “Ghostly Figures”. The website description is as follows:

Level: Moderate
Numbers: Up to 12 kids or adults.
Warning: Contains jump scares and references to the occult.

You and your friends stumble upon an ancient and abandoned church and out of curiosity, decide to take a look inside. ​Well, you should have remembered that curiosity killed the cat!

After making some shocking discoveries, you find yourselves captive and in a fight for your lives! Only when you have righted the wrongs that were committed all those years ago will you be free to go!

The manager, Jon, says:

“We have had a few groups run out of the room, some really good jump scares, and obviously some that don’t get scared.”

Jon, No Escape Iowa manager

This sounds perfect for inclusion on this site — especially for folks looking for something that is more interactive than walking through a haunted house.

A new category for “Escape Rooms” has been added to the index. There are currently two listed, and if we find any others, we will add them to the list.

See the new entry here:

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