13.29% more visitors so far…

After the big Covid drop in 2020, things have slowly been picking up for this site. As of October 18th, this site has already had 13.29% more visitors than all of October 2022. Last year, the site saw a 40% increase in visitors from the previous year. I am curious to see where things end up after October 31 this year.

Something I just added last week is a “Visitors” count on every page. I used to have one on my old site, but that was a script I wrote myself and had full control over. This one is more questionable, since it tries to define who is a ‘bot, and it doesn’t seem to like folks using privacy software (such as Apple’s anti-tracking features). At least I can see numbers that are larger or smaller from hour to hour and get an idea of how many folks are visiting throughout the day.

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