A.I. generated songs about The Haunt “Charles Swarovski”

Over the years, I have created hundreds of low-end radio jingles for various morning radio shows. I have also created custom music for haunted houses (the largest project were all the synchronized fairy tale songs that were part of Twisted Tales at Sleepy Hollow, ages ago.) It is a fun hobby.

But a few days ago I learned about SUNO AI, which creates music of pretty much any style (from death metal to roaring 20s ragtime). It is not perfect, but still quite fun.

Inspired by the “guard” dummy at the bottom of the stairs at The Haunt downtown (he has a name tag that reads Charles “Chucky” Swarovski), I decided to write up some words and see what the A.I. could do with them. (I kept tweaking the words a bit form version to version, as I was experimenting with SUNO, so there will be some minor lyrical differences.)

This playlist has four different versions of the same lyrics — it is an interesting demonstration of how the A.I. can make different styles of music.

The machines are coming.

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