Happy “Halfway to Halloween”

With Disney doing a “halfway to Halloween” event in 2022 (they started theirs’s about April 17th), it looks like this could become a thing similar to “Christmas in July.”

“Halfway to Halloween” is generally thought to fall around April 30th1. It’s 6 months from last October 31st and 6 more months until the next October1. However, the exact date can vary. For instance, in 2023, Disney celebrated “Halfway to Halloween” starting from April 17th23, and a show named “Halfway to Halloween” was released on April 25th4. So, it seems the celebration can span over a period of time in April.


I am typing this on October 30th, 2023, with the prediction that someone will be doing some kind of Halloween themed event around this time. Let’s see what happens…

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