Ankeny Haunted Barn returns.

In 2009, the Bondurant Haunted Barn appeared on the scene. In 2011, they relocated to Ankeny where they became known as the Ankeny Haunted Barn. This was the year Des Moines Haunted Houses first began doing video interviews. The Haunted Barn was the second haunt ever interviewed by this site. Here is that original interview. (Sadly, the interviewee Chris Bales passed away last year.)

In 2020, the Ankeny Haunted Barn will be returning. They will be in the same Ankeny location as past years, but the haunt has been completely rebuilt from the ground up. DMHH got a sneak peek at their new layout, and it looks quite fun.

The Barn will continue its style of having random scenes of horror. Many rooms are inspired by popular horror movies. The tradition of using live snakes and rats is also expected to return. There are even some fan-favorite actors returning.

New for 2020 will be wheelchair access thanks to wider hallways. There will also be a new sound system and computerized show lighting.

Admission will be $25, but look for $5 OFF coupons if you want to save some money. (Just note you have to have a physical coupon.)

For more details, see their listing on this site and follow links to their website and social media page.

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