No Grimes Haunted Garage home haunt this year :(

Some of my favorite haunt experiences in the area have been home haunts. The Haunted Garage in Grimes has been an absolutely wonderful experience where they pack in a dozen or more actors in their twisty garage haunt to traumatize the kids (er, and adults) that are brave enough to stroll through. I really think they have more screams per square foot than any of the commercial haunts 😉 And they are fun people.

Sadly, no home haunt for the 2020 season.

It could be worse, though. Los Angeles County California banned Halloween a few weeks ago, then lightened up a bit and changed that to “not recommending” Halloween. Hopefully we can at least have some form of Beggar’s Night here in Des Moines.

Home Haunts/Yard Displays wanted.

Do you have a cool Halloween yard display or home haunt you’d like folks to know about? Submit it and we will add it to the directory. Please include any special notes (like nights it will be operating, parking restrictions in the neighborhood, etc.). Let’s see if we can at least have cool Halloween things to drive by and look at if we don’t have as many haunts go actually go in to this year.