2022 vs 2021: 41% increase at DMHH

The haunted house scene in the area came crashing down in 2020, with most not operating, and some closing permanently. 2021 had far fewer haunts operating than earlier years, though it did see the addition of Scare DSM. This year saw the addition of Adventureland’s new Halloween themed event. Even with all of this, the market is still way down compared to “the before times.”

That said, with fewer choices, and an audience returning to wanting to do these things, that should mean that the remaining haunts get a larger slice of the haunt visitor pie. Without having access to business records of the various haunts, all we can really say is several did report nights when they operated at capacity (though we don’t know if they are operating a full pre-pandemic capacity, or still at some reduced level).

As far as this website, it saw a 41% increase in visitors in 2022 compared to 2021. With the trajectory is headed back up, so let’s hope for an even better next year.

Maybe I’ll even resume doing video interviews, though the landscape in 2023 is very different than what it was like when I first started this site. I think posting 15 second TikTok videos or someone screaming when they see a clown might get a larger audience than interview videos 😉

Happy thanksgiving!

DMHH Sponsorships

I enjoy having less work to do, so this site has never had a way for anyone to sign up as a sponsor. It still doesn’t, so if you want to donate to this website project, contact me directly. Some suggested optrions:

  • $1000 – exclusive sponsor. Entry at the top of the list, and logo/name on the top banner of every page of this site and on the Facebook page banner graphic. This is only valid while no other donations have been received.
  • $500 – site sponsor, non exclusive. Entry alphabetically sorted at the top with other sponsors. If possible, also a promotion on the top banner, shared with other sponsors.
  • $250 – promoted listing, sorted at the top with all other sponsors/promoted listings.

Listings will include the haunted houses in the area, as well as home haunts, yard displays and any other related event that is suggested or submitted this season.

Welcome, Slaughterhouse.

We’d like to welcome Slaughterhouse as our first site sponsor this season. In exchange for their support, we will be placing their listing in a featured group above the other listings.

If you would like to support this site, get in touch. We have a Sponsorship level (add photos to your listing) and a Featured level (add more photos, sort to the top, different background color).