A second Slaughterhouse video interview

On Halloween night we visited Slaughterhouse and finally got to see it at its current location. I’d seen it at three different spots over the year, so I think the only one I missed was the very first year in 2010 when it was “Big Al’s Slaughterhouse.”

I will have a whole recap of the attraction, but for now, here’s Lefty…

Tunnel of Terror video

Ever wonder just what a “haunted car wash” is? So did we, so we visited Tommy’s Express Tunnel of Terror last week and found out. This video is mostly raw footage of what they were doing outside the car wash, and then a few snippets of things they had inside. It was mostly lots of clowns with knives messing with people in their car 😉 FUN! And my car now shiny again.

Tommy’s Express Tunnel of Terror 2023

Slaughterhouse video interview

Earlier this afternoon we swung through downtown Des Moines to speak with Ian Miller about The Slaughterhouse. I had not seen the place since it moved to this new Locust Street location, and I was blown away. I had assumed they were still the “pig rendering factory” I had seen in past visits, but this is an all-new experience. It was not at all what I was expecting, and I can’t wait to see it with the lights off. Or themed lights on. Whatever. Here’s the video.

Bouton Haunted Church video interview

Just a short drive from Des Moines is Bouton, Iowa where an old church building has been turned in to a haunted house. It is only $5, and more than worth it. The funds go to the firefighters there (who also operate this haunted house). The haunt has all kinds of stuff in it — dark twisty hallways, creepy folks waiting for you in corners, clowns, unexpected blasts of air … it was a great time.