Last Updated: 9/30/2020

Here is the cheap equipment I work with.

Sound / Audio

  • PYLE 120 watt amplifier with USB – These can play audio from a USB flash drive (or memory card, but USB is cheaper and easier to work with). They can be set up to power on and start playing/looping without needing to press any buttons.
  • USB flash drive – I use Sandisk Cruzer 16GB. They are tiny so they don’t stick out from the amp like a normal USB drive does. I have found that the big sticks can get broken off easily, and these do not. You can order them individually, or in bundles. They can be less than $5 each if you buy them in quantity. Here is a 2-pack ($6/each):
  • Lanyards – The Sandisk sticks have a place to hook up a lanyard. To avoid losing these tiny memory sticks (one is still lost in my car somewhere), I now attach lanyard straps to each one. I like the bundle of different colors, so I can know that “red is for the graveyard, blue was the inside.” You need one for each memory card.
  • Speaker Wire – 16 gauge speaker wire is good for the length we normally run. Any thicker and it has trouble hooking in to the amp and speakers. AmazonBasics is cheap and worked well. They only sell it in 100 foot spools. You can find lager spools that cost less-per-foot, but this price isn’t bad. It is not rated for outdoor use, so it if needed to stay outdoors for years, you might want more expensive outdoor-rated wiring.
  • Speakers – For over a decade, I’ve been using cheap PYLE outdoor marine speakers, ordered from Amazon. Those are no longer being made, and Amazon does not sell the replacements. But, the replacement speaker (which I have not tried) is available from eBay stores. Look for “Pyle PDWR40B” (black) or “Pyle PDWR40W” (white). Black might look better in a haunt, but white may be cheaper. I even saw a place selling a bundle of 10 sets (20 speakers) alot cheaper than buying them a pair at a time. Here is a good price, shipped from Nebraska!
    • 8-Pack White (8 speakers, $171 – $22 each speaker)
    • 20 Speakers (10 pack of 2 each, $429, same seller, $22 each speaker).
    • UPDATE: They are now available on Amazon!


To be added.

  • DMX Lights – Capable of creating all colors, strobes, blacklight, etc.
  • Chauvet DMX-RT – A small box that can play back DMX commands to lights, enabling complex lighting patterns without needing a computer.
  • Outdoor RGB Lights – Waterproof landscaping lights that can be used outdoors. They aren’t computer controlled (no DMX) but they are cheap.


  • MedeaWiz Sprite Video Player – Small video/audio playback box which can be triggers to start playing based on a button, motion sensor, etc. It will play and loop a video, then switch to a second video when the trigger occurs.

Show Control

  • Boo Box – Capable of playing audio, sending DMX commands, controlling outputs (switches) and more.

To be updated…