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Last Updated: 9/1/2020

Some of the services I offer include:

  • Custom Sound Effects – Why settle for playing Track 15 from “Scary Sounds of Halloween” when you could have a sound effects loop that is customized for the scene? I can work with you and create something truly unique.
  • Custom Videos – Perhaps your haunt needs a custom pre-show video that goes over the rules before your guests enter. Maybe you want a custom video loop to be running on a TV set in a show scene. Maybe you want a full moon to project on a wall. I’ll help you track down something already available, or custom create something for you if I can.
  • Audio System Installation – A boom box in the corner is a great way to get started, as it having a big set of stereo speakers booming throughout the haunt. But, for a small investment, you can purchase cheap off-the-shelf amplifiers and speakers and wire up your entire haunt with multi-channel audio. I can even do full installation for you.
  • Lighting System Installation – If you are tired of swapping out colored light bulbs and moving around strobe lights, maybe it’s time for an upgrade. Low cost off-the-shelf RGB lights are available on Amazon (and even locally) that can be programmed to any color or intensity. Install them throughout your haunt and you’ll never change a bulb again — just reprogram the lights to match the scene. OR, move up to full computer-controlled DMX lighting systems that can simulate lightning flashes, flickering candles, or electric shocks. They can even be programmed to act as an entrance timer (letting your ticket taker know when they can send the next group). And the best part? These days cheap DMX lights can be found for under $20, and control computers for around $100 (no PC needed — just power on and it goes). I can help you set this all up and program it.

Got an idea? Let me know, and I’ll help if I can. I have worked on projects for Sleepy Hollow Haunted Scream Park, Ankeny Haunted Barn, Tormented Souls Haunt, and Linn’s Haunted House. What can I do for you?

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