Future Nightmares & White Rabbit VR added to the calendar

Future Nightmares asked to be added to the calendar. I originally didn’t plan to have them, or White Rabbit VR, anywhere but the index since they are not traditional haunted houses and that’s what this site is about. What do you consider them? Please leave a comment.

For now, they have both been added. Future Nightmares pointed out:

…the amount of pro haunted house props from Distortions Unlimited and Fright Props inside Future Nightmares are well above most average haunts in Des Moines…. that is why we are definitely a HAUNT… the only difference …. you don’t go through a dark maze… so we are 100% Handicap accessible… unlike most places in des moines everyone gets the same exact intense show !

We have a story and the audience participates in scenerios with tons of high end Haunted house FX and animatronics around them THE WHOLE TIME… 

But I guess if walking a maze is what qualifies as a “Haunt” for this… 

then yea I guess not ….

Future Nightmares

Works for me 🙂 What say you?

VR haunted house!

The White Rabbit Virtual Reality Arcade in Merle Hay Mall is offering four different virtual reality haunted house experiences this year. Each one can take up to an hour to get through, and can be done solo (just you) or with up to four people. The experience is described as a haunted house escape room.

I have added them to the index and plan to check it out very soon.

I did my first VR experience in the early 1990s (Dactyl Nightmare from Virtuality) and have been a fan ever since. The VR explosion in the 90s did not last, but it seems back better than ever these days.

More to come…

VR haunted house at Merle Hay Mall

Merle Hay Mall just shared on Facebook that the White Rabbit VR Arcade has four virtual haunted houses available. Up to four guests can go through them (virtually) at a time, and the experience can take up to an hour.

I am very intrigued with this, since I first experienced VR in the early 1990s playing Dactyl Nightmare at a Dave & Busters in Dallas, Texas. More recently, I played some scary programs on a $300 Oculus Quest standalone VR helmet and the quality just blew me away.

I have reached out to White Rabbit VR to learn more. If it turns out it is a good fit for listing on this site, I will get them added.

Zombie Hollow in WInterset

Zombie Hollow was the most amazing walk through Halloween display around during its years in Urbandale, Iowa. A few years ago, the creator moved to Winterset.

For 2023, Zombie Hollow is now a commercial haunt experience in Winterset. They have been added to the index, the map and calendar.

Due to limited parking, you must by a timed ticket in advance. Find out more about this must-see Halloween experience here:

The Mare Witch Project returns…

The Carlisle Haunted Woods is back this year, and even has a website. Last year, I could find nothing about this except a photo of a flyer someone sent to me. This year, I can point people to an official website.

It is running A LOT of nights – 14! That gets it right up there with some of the other well-established haunts in the area.

There is also a one-night Carlisle “Haunted Trail” event as part of a city festival, but that is a different thing.

Get details here:

2023 Haunt List being updated…

I have finally gotten time to start updating the haunted house list for 2023. Only a few of the local haunts are in there now, and there may still be some items yet to be updated for this year so be sure to check with the official website.

More to come… Hopefully I will have all the local haunts updated accurately this week.

HAUNTS: If there is an error, please let me know.