Adventureland Phantom Fall Fest

Using the slogan “Fright All Night”, which is suspiciously close to Sleepy Hollow’s “All Night Fright”, the new owners of Adventureland have announced the Phantom Fall Fest. It is planned to have daytime activities and nighttime events including four haunted houses. It will run weekends in October, and most season passes (Platinum, Gold and Silver) sound like they get you in free.

This event comes four years after Adventureland’s last Halloween event, which was held at the Adventureland Inn. That event was adults only, and included one haunted house. Even with the marketing power of Adventureland, and their highly successful adults-only Oktoberfest event, attendance at the 2018 event was small, and reviews were mostly negative. (I am on the other side. While their haunt was ridiculously short, we thought the rest of the event was great fun – with only a few minor exceptions.)

Details may be found on the official Adventureland website.

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