2021 Haunt Season Preview

So far, we have heard from…

  • Ankeny Haunted Barn
  • Linn’s Supermarket Haunted House
  • Slaughterhouse
  • Tormented Souls Haunt
  • Trail of Terror (Baxter)

In this list are two haunts that did not operate last season. We are off to a good start.

Initial site updates began today, but full information won’t be added until later.

Last two nights for Tormented Souls (10/29 and 10/30/2020)

There are only a few more days to get chased by clowns with chainsaws before the haunts close for the season:

Tormented Souls Haunt and Screampark will be open this Thursday (10/29/2020) and Friday (10/30/2020) night from 7pm to 11:45pm.

Remember: You do not drive to this haunt. You will abandon your vehicle and they will pick you up in their Terror Bus and drive you to the haunt location deep in the woods, far away where no one can hear you scream. . .

From their website:

Pick up the Tormented Souls Terror Bus, (if you dare) at Edgewood Park in Madrid, IA; it’s the only way to reach what lies in wait – out in the middle of no where! So hitch a ride on this scream maker with your eyes wide open in the pitch dark.


Have fun!

Snow advisory

Happy Iowa October, everyone. After a light dusting of snow on Sunday morning, we are now under several inches of snow. Modern cell phones have even popped up snowfall alerts (I think that’s the first time I’ve seen that, especially using the word “squall”).

While the snow should be long gone by the time haunts open up this Thursday night (Tormented Souls adds Thursday to its operation schedule this week), the chilly temperatures are going to be with us. Though current predictions show near-80s on Thursday, the overnight low will be near-freezing. It looks like we’ll stay that way for the next week at least.

Wrap up.

DMHH calendar updated

Each year, I maintain a Google Calendar that has daily entries for each haunted house. You can subscribe to this on your phone and always know what haunt is operating that night, as well as the hours.

It has been updated again, and now includes the dates and times for the haunts I have heard from so far: The Slaughterhouse, Ankeny Haunted Barn and Tormented Souls.

Tormented Souls dates announced

Tormented Souls Haunt has updated their website and now has their dates for 2020 posted. They will operate ten nights this year:

Oct 3, 9-10, 16-17, 22-24 and 29-30, 2020. Opens at 7:15pm.

On Fridays and Saturdays they run until 11:45pm, and on the Thursdays they are open they will close at 10pm.

They are offering their huge haunted walk (explore the haunted mining town of Zook Spur) as well as their Zee-apocalypse Paintball experience where you ride on a tractor-pulled trailer shooting at targets and zombies with mounted paintball guns. They were the first haunt in our area to bring us a Halloween paintball experience.

They have also posted their Covid-19 precautions which will include:

  • Face coverings required at all times.
  • Social distance between each group.
  • Hand sanitizer.
  • No contact with actors.

Their days and hours will be added to our Calendar soon.

Welcome, Tormented Souls Haunt

I’d like to welcome Tormented Souls as the latest site sponsor for this season.

Tormented Souls Haunt originally opened in Madrid, Iowa in 2013. It was unique because you never actually parked at the haunt. Instead, you drove to a park and waited for the “Terror Bus” (a decorated school bus) to pick you up and drive you deep into the woods to where the haunt was. It gave quite the feeling of being isolated.

They were also the first attraction in the area to offer a zombie themed paintball shoot where guests rode on a tractor-pulled trailer and used mounted paintball guns to blast away at targets and live (er, undead?) zombie actors wearing protective gear. Great fun!

They ran for a few years, then went on hiatus. They returned in 2018 and DMHH helped install an all-new central sound system to their main haunt, and other sound systems to their external areas. And a great time was had by all!

They will be operating this year with new Covid-19 precautions in place. You can find more details from their listing page here on the site. Be sure to check out their website, Facebook page, and Instagram.

They are currently requesting molds of people’s faces. But why?

More to come…